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Pop Culture RP

Pop Culture RP

Common pop culture categories are: entertainment (movies, music, television, games), sports, news (as in people/places in news), politics, fashion/clothes, technology, and slang. Some of these bring up RP issues, especially when a game has altered the reality timeline.

While Vast Horizon will allow such IC discussions as music, movies and books, we will not allow current political discussions. Being as this is a futuristic game, Trump is not the current president and we don't even live on earth.

This also brings us to the people and places section of pop culture. Understand that if you are talking about something that happened in New York City, it has to have happened many years ago. Earth was decimated and there would be no need to talk about the latest scandal that your sitting governor got into.

Current news events could be discussed but you'd need to be creative because an earth quake that happened in Japan, just can't be happening in game. We will try our best to help with any questions that you have in regards to the pop culture RP issues. We will also try to put up some news blurbs that might help you have things to discuss. For example, that quake that happened in Japan may happen in one of our villages.

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