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Profile: Daily Living In Sector B

Profile: Daily Living In Sector B

The following is general guidance of what daily life in sector B became since 2150. This information is by no means complete and is intended to give an outline to help you build a good profile. Be creative!

General Living Conditions:
Each family unit enjoys their own living space which will be smaller than that of a typical sector A living quarters, and includes carpets and comfortable seating. There are two sleeping areas, one for the adults, and one for the children. Those families with more wealth may negotiate for quarters with private bathroom facilities, while those lower down in sector B will likely share a bathroom with up to four families.
Meal times are taken in shifts in the sector B dining room, which usually manages to feed most people. Those eating last will sometimes receive reduced serving sizes.
Health care and education are first class.
Interaction Between Sectors:
Work related interaction between sectors A are frequent. Interaction is limited to essential communication with sector C. Some of the lower standing sector A families will rub shoulders with the upper echelons of sector B. The children from sector B will sometimes mix with those from sector A, although this isn't encouraged. Sector B children are not permitted to mix with sector C children since the murders during the food riots.
Being born and raised in sector B, you will likely be destined for:
Security Analyst.
Civil Engineer.
Other professional roles.
Assistants to these roles such as clerks and juniors would be performed by trusted sector C citizens.
Secondary Profession:
Citizens in sector B will often take a secondary career. While this eats into their free time, it earns them financial perks from sector A.
Zone Controller. You'd oversee the movement of sector C citizens as they move to and from work. You'd take a four hour shift a few times per week.
Factory Coordinator. You'd manage security staff paid to oversee the work carried out by sector C laborers.
Security. You'd patrol factory lines and ensure the safety of all citizens.
Riot Police. You'd be on call to enter a riot zone and break up fighting.
These are starting ideas. Feel free to design your character to fit your story in whichever way is best.

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