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Profile: Daily Living In Sector C

Profile: Daily Living In Sector C

The following is general guidance of what daily life in sector C became since 2150. This information is by no means complete and is intended to give an outline to help you build a good profile. Be creative!

General Living Conditions:
A maximum of two families share a cramped single living space which includes hard floor and functional seating. There are two sleeping areas, one for each family giving virtually no privacy. Up to ten families will share a bathroom located at the end of their communal corridor.
Each quarters has a small cooking niche in which the rations are prepared and shared out between the residents. Sometimes there's a little extra to go around.
Health care and education are first class.

Interaction Between Sectors:
There is limited interaction outside of sector C. Those who work in the factories located in sector B will sometimes communicate with the security staff. Citizens of sector C who agree to work on behalf as sector B as security will be moved into sector B accommodation along with their families and receive better food and living space. Some of these families will gradually form friendships with some sector B residents.
The children in sector C must make do with forming friendships in their communal corridor and those at their school, though issues often are created by curious children sneaking about.
Being born and raised in sector C, you will likely be destined for:
Construction. You'll be responsible for mining tunnels for expansion and carving out living spaces.
Maintenance. Taking care of air filtration, sanitation, water purification and cleanliness.
Assistant. Junior doctors, nurses and vendors.
Secondary Profession:
Most citizens of sector C would look for opportunities to earn extra income for food.
Black Market Dealer.
Fortune Teller.
These are starting ideas. Feel free to design your character to fit your story in whichever way is best.

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