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Profile: Leaving The Cavern

Profile: Leaving The Cavern

Leaving the cavern can be done in a number of different ways for players. Regardless of which path your story takes, you have to include the 20 days of taking Riphenol tablets. This is the only absolute requirement, other than being able to take care of yourself.

Below is an example timeline of what a player could go through to leave the cavern. This example is for a player going into the Human Pilot's Association (HPA), with some advanced classes and training. Notes are provided for extra pointers. This example implies the character would have some knowledge about the subjects they studied during the transition. They have chosen to take these classes, they are not required for everyone.

Malik is fed up with his life as a lowly grunt janitor at the secondary school he has worked at for just over a decade and after a night of watching the new commercials that have been running on the vidscreen, he goes and registers to go above ground as a pilot. He's not actually in the 30 days of transition, yet. He'll still have to support himself until he's called to the Farold Relocation Division. He's also got a new worry for his meager paycheck, paying the initial fee. While modest to some, it is fairly significant to him. Then there is that note at the bottom of how he'll be expected to take Riphenol for 30 days before he'll be allowed out of the cavern. Fortunately, he finds that there are assistance programs he can benefit from that will mitigate some of this new expense.

He spends weeks working his newly hated job and getting spit upon by the bratty preteens while he spends most of his free time running to and from the various departments and agencies for their monetary assistance. He goes back to the registry office and pays the nominal fee the programs didn't cover for the enrollment process.

He takes the next bit of news with a slight frown though as he is told that he needs to pack up his personal belongings and report to the Faroldian Relocation Division. It's known by many other names, but most commonly known as The Pilot Academy, even if they do help transition a lot more than pilots. This is his final moment of dedication for him, as he will have to leave everything he's known behind and if he fails he believes he'll be even worse off than he was before. In reality, while he won't be able to go back to what he was doing, unless that job is still open after however long, there are some assistance programs regulated by the Oria Hegemony itself. Very rarely does this result in an increase in living standards or a move to another sector, but it has happened on occasion.

The following morning he reports to the Faroldian Relocation Division and is shown his new quarters. It's a barracks room with a lot of beds. There seems to be no segregation at all. All three sectors are intermingled here, male and females sleep nearby one another. The basic range of emotions can be seen as he looks at the variety of individuals. At any rate, he is shown to a bunk with a very utilitarian wardrobe on either side of it. After the minor administrator walks away leaving him with a paper schedule he spends some time stowing his items and getting to know the other people in his area. It turns out that of the 20 or so people in this dorm only one or two of them want to become pilots like him. The majority are migrating to the surface to work on a farm or some other profession, he's not really that interested. The paper details a list and descriptions of various classes that are available to enrollees, bunk assignments, codes for personal lockers and the like, as well as a list of required tests he will be taking to determine if he needs instruction on how to take care of himself. With the mass of information on the page he completely misses the fact that the bottom of the paper has a note indicating that the classes and training are voluntary and he is to make his own schedule from the available choices, which are numerous.

Note about your time here: This time in the transitional period is customizable within reason. The only absolutes are, there is very low tolerance for violence and crime, you are on a 20 day schedule of Riphenol, and you are required to prove that you can take care of yourself on an individual and daily level. You don't get beat up, as a rule, but that doesn't stop individuals from taking out frustrations on each other. Just know that there is a line at which the Farolds in charge stop tolerating the antics of violent humans in this environment and those people are given one warning. If they break the rules again they are ejected from the program and put into a reformation program, which we will not be getting into here.

The next month is spent rising early, getting his materials together, learning, eating plenty of nutritious meals, learning, studying more with more specific resources, and practicing all the things he's learned. From training on the range with dart blasters, to flying in a flight simulator, to basic medical practices and the use of Arxlon, to more in depth knowledge of the Oria Hegemony and its laws. Knowledge of how things are going to be different is a huge focus, for him. One point his instructors repeatedly grind into the potential pilots is how they will have to get used to the speed of everything on the surface. An often repeated quote is, "Starships are not slow. Even the most stock drive on a starship provides enough thrust to accelerate you up to about 5000 kilometers per second or 3100 miles per second." The first few times Malik here's this he did the math until he could convert it automatically. It turned out to be about 18,000,000 kilometers per hour or 11,160,000 miles per hour. It's astonishing that they can do that without turning the pilot into a jelly paste on the wall. More time is spent on the theory of starship operation and the operation of various machines people on the surface use, to get him ready for the tests he will have to pass soon.

The last four days of the classes are spent in testing on all the knowledge he has accumulated. These tests include all the classes he has chosen to take, during this month.

A note about Tests: Beyond the standard small tests given to everyone to determine their ability to take care of themselves, the only tests a character would have at this point are ones they wish to take classes for. Classes are not mandatory, but if you take the class, you have to have a test. It is unwise for a player to claim they went through all the advanced courses and yet know very little in regards to something like combat starship operations, or vice versa to claim to have taken no classes at all and be able to immediately know everything. It is also probably not very likely that a person could go into the transitional period for a single month and cover everything the division has to offer. It is however not impossible for a person to choose to remain at the division for longer than a single month to take more courses than the norm. If you choose to go this route, please keep the length of time here to something reasonable.

Players wishing to have established a career type such as doctor, lawyer, engineer, and more, must have a profile very quickly. They also must open a support ticket of their wishes so that staff can have a discussion with said player. Note, you are more likely to be accepted into a career type with roleplay and some dedication. However, it is not going to be a flat rejection without conversing with your character. Please note, if you are rejected, it is likely so that you can get a feel for the game, dive into some roleplay and we would provide another option for you rather than just saying no.

Many side careers require a lot of roleplay and if you are not one who engages in a lot of roleplay, we strongly advise you not go for a side career, until you are comfortable enough to roleplay.

Please note, stories that may change large portions of the game will not be approved out of the gate, especially with roleplayers who are not established.

Assuming the potential pilots have not already begun or completed their 20 day period of riphenol intake, they are handed a blister pack where each tablet is numbered 1 to 20. They are inspected every day to insure they have taken their tablet. This is double checked by a blood test each day to watch for allergic reactions, increase in radiation tolerance, and probably a few other things. Malik doesn't really pay attention to this, he just pays the blood suckers their due and focuses on training. The last four days of classes are probably the most nerve wracking. Each day is spent with time in the simulator to improve reaction speed and muscle memory. Then one test after another. Finally after having passed the classes he's going to pass, possibly failing a couple, but having gained some useful knowledge nonetheless he begins to prepare himself for the final phase of his transition.

On the 31st day of the final training, Malik feels more confident that he can live a successful life on the surface and in space. He shows up for the graduation ceremony that very afternoon with the other 38 people who have transitioned. Friends and families of the brand new surface dwellers populate the arena which is typically used for entertainment in the cavern. A Farold Ground Security team is here in full force to guarantee a smooth and successful transition for everyone involved. This is the last time Malik will ever see the cavern again and he's delighted that some of his friends and family members were able to make it. As he says his goodbyes after the ceremony in which he is given a band with his transition date engraved on it, tears fall and smiles grow broad and happy. He along with the rest of the newly transitioned people are gathered and led from the cavern to the central transition hub where they will begin a new segment of their lives, and just maybe, help bring humanity back to a wonderful new existence.

Final note. There are several other help files that you can read to enhance your character. These include where are you from, profile writing, several cavern help files and the tidbits file. The roleplay policy and accompanying help file along with the sexual conduct policy are strongly advised to be read. This is not to say that all policies should not be read, but a directional tip to get you started.

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