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Profile: Where Are You From

Profile: Where Are You From

Your character was born in the Cavern City on Kapteynia Beta. Five hundred thousand humans were evacuated there roughly 200 years ago when the Kiohn race tried to wipe out the human race, and became a huge part of the reason that Earth was deemed uninhabitable. As the population got settled in, they divided themselves over 3 sectors. This was advised against by the Farolds but it happened anyway.

The farolds did their best to provide adequate housing for all. Population growth and lack of space made that hard to keep up with, especially in the last eighty years.

Sector A

Sector A is where the power families and those who seem to be able to make a name for themselves live. These people dress better, have a little bit more and maybe have found ways to have more room in their homes. This area is probably 10% of the cavern population. If you are from this sector, your phone area code will be (442). These people would have higher up jobs handed out to them more easily. Such jobs would include but are not limited to, bank presidents, cavern leadership, doctors, some lawyers, corporate leaders such as they are in the caverns, and more high-end jobs that one could think of.

Sector B

Sector B is where your average person lives. These would be hard working people who do the best they can, except for when they don't. You would maybe think of this group as middle class. This section's population grew closer with sector C's over time, 40% of the population. Your area code is (224). Some of these people may work their way into high-end jobs but would mostly be the law enforcement, teachers, healthcare workers, professors, industrial type workers such as home repair, appliance repair, food growth, industry and more.

Sector C

Sector C is where those who seem to get what they can from the bottom of the barrel live. These are those who scrape by with what they can and maybe hope to find a way into a better sector someday. Note, some sections of C may be better off or worse off than others. Not everybody goes hungry, though some may. This is 50% of the population. Your area code is (898). Jobs for these would include sanitation department, food packing, waiters and waitresses, and more such lower paying jobs. Pimps, drug pushers, and other criminal element would fall into this category. Though, if good enough at it, the bosses of such criminal elements would move up in class.

Above Ground

Simply put, you must be a reroll, having displayed very good roleplay skills to be born above ground. You also must discuss your character plot with staff before pronouncing you were born above ground.

We have no plans to allow a large faction of people to be born above ground at this time, but are ready to entertain it slowly.

Since the year 2200 a small number of humans have started living above ground again, but this is still a minority of all humans alive today. Infrequent windows of opportunity will be opened for players to be born above-ground, see above. To advance our theme, players will need to be underground for the time being.

We have listed job types for each sector above. This is just to give you a rough idea and these jobs are not set in stone. For example, not everyone in sector C is a criminal, and there are criminals in sectors A and B. Take liberties with it and above all else, roleplay!

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