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Profile: daily living in the cavern sectors

Profile: daily living in the cavern sectors

The following is general guidance of what daily life in each sector became since 2150. This information is by no means complete and is intended to give an outline to help you build a good profile. Be creative!

Sector A General Living Conditions:

Each family unit enjoys their own living space which includes carpets and comfortable seating. There are two sleeping areas, one for the adults, and one for the children. The super wealthy families will have their own private bathing facility whilst the less well off will share bathing facilities, no more than two families will share a single bathing facility in sector A.

Families make meal times a special and sociable occasion as they make their way to lavish dining rooms.

Food that is not eaten is often given to the waiters and waitresses who attend to the sector A dining rooms. These staff are most often hired from sector B.

Interaction Between Sectors:

CEO's within sector A often hire sector B staff, which means there is work related interaction between adults. Some of the lower standing sector A families will rub shoulders with the upper echelons of sector B. The children from the two sectors sometimes mix, although this isn't encouraged, but we all know the quickest way to get children to do something is to forbid it.


Being born and raised in sector A, you will likely be destined for:

CEO or president of a corporation. You'd likely hire sector B employees, who may in turn contract people from sector C.

Cavern Leadership. You would likely be involved in roles such as lawyer, logistics, or resource management.

Financial management, investment banker are also potential careers. The general rule of thumb here is that Sector A individuals typically have careers in the upper echelons of whatever field they choose. This comes from the amount of personal and familial resources they can draw upon, as well as their family's level of pressure to drive their children.

Secondary Profession:

While most citizens in sector A would not need or want extra income, some may decide to pick up a hobby and turn it into a side career.

Artist, Chef, entertainer, and musician are just some options.

General Living Conditions in Sector B:

Each family unit enjoys their own living space which will be smaller than that of a typical sector A living quarters, and includes carpets and comfortable seating. There are two sleeping areas, one for the adults, and one for the children. Those families with more wealth may negotiate for quarters with private bathroom facilities, while those lower down in sector B will likely share a bathroom with up to four families.

Meal times are taken in shifts in the sector B dining rooms, which usually manages to feed most people.

Work related interaction between sectors A are frequent. Interaction is limited with sector C. Some of the lower standing sector A families will rub shoulders with the upper echelons of sector B. The children from sector B will sometimes mix with those from sector A, although this isn't officially encouraged. Sector B children are not officially permitted to mix with sector C children since the murders during the food riots, however while it still happens, there are legal consequences.

Being born and raised in sector B, you will likely be encouraged along certain career paths. Some of these include:

Accountant, Teacher, doctor (with various specializations), security analyst, Consultant, Civil engineer are just some examples.

Other professional roles.

Assistants to these roles such as clerks and juniors would be performed by trusted sector C citizens.

Citizens in sector B will often take a secondary career. While this eats into their free time, it earns them financial perks from sector A.

Zone Controller. You'd oversee the movement of sector C citizens as they move to and from work. You'd take a four hour shift a few times per week.

Factory Coordinator. You'd manage security staff paid to oversee the work carried out by sector C laborers.

Police Force. You'd patrol and tend checkpoints to ensure the safety of all citizens, as well as respond to specific disturbances.

This doesn't mean that life is a grind in Sector B. It simply means that some individuals choose to take on a second job. They may also have less structured things that could bring in money, though perhaps less regularly like sculptor, muralist, musician, or whatever else you can think of.

General Living Conditions in Sector C:

A maximum of two families share a cramped single living space which may include hard floor and functional seating. Note that some families may be lucky enough to have a single family dwelling. There are two sleeping areas, one for each family giving virtually no privacy. Each communal corridor has functional bathroom and shower facilities, which is shared by all the residents of the corridor.

Each set of quarters has a small cooking niche in which the rations are prepared and shared out between the residents. The rations are not luxury foods, but they meet nutritional requirements and do not taste like dirt.

There is limited interaction outside of sector C. Those who work in the factories located in sector B have regular interaction, but the majority of those who don't leave Sector C, don't typically have many interactions with Sector B individuals.

Sector C individuals that have been vetted do take jobs as security and other positions in Sector B. It is the most common way for Sector C residents to improve their quality of life. Typically, when this situation gets established, these families move from Sector C to Sector B, with all the quality improvements that one would expect.

The children in sector C, on average, make do with forming friendships in their communal corridor and those at their school, though issues often are created by curious children sneaking about. Some children have been known to develop true friendships with other children in other sectors due to this curiosity, though it is completely dependent on which children meet, where, when, and how. Legally these children are supposed to be kept in Sector C, though generally the consequences if they are found are simple and not overly onerous. It has in the past even ended with a Sector C child getting their family moved to Sector B, after the punishment of course.

Being born and raised in sector C, you will likely be destined for:

Construction. You'll be responsible for mining tunnels for expansion and carving out living spaces.

Maintenance. Taking care of air filtration, sanitation, water purification and cleanliness.

Assistant. Clerks, nurses and vendors.

Most citizens of sector C would look for opportunities to earn extra income to spend on luxuries.

Artist, black market dealer, entertainer, fortune teller, busker, pimp, prostitute, thief are just some examples.

Important note: The above are just guidelines. While there are some extremely unlikely combinations, like, a Sector A heir to a family that regularly goes and sells drugs as their primary source of personal income, Just about any choice is possible. If you choose to be one of these extreme cases,contradict existing lore, or have some outrageous idea on who you are, the staff are willing to talk it over with you to see if it can be accommodated and if not possible compromises may be found.

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