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Before we begin, it is important to know that religion is a personal choice for every character as well as every player. Please respect everyone's choice and do not try to force a religion on anyone.

Once Humanity had met the Farolds and space travel became a more common occurrence, this naturally led to a lot of changes in many aspects of life. Although curious and generally willing to implement many Human ways into their culture, the Farolds of Oria, who are scientifically minded, had a tough time dealing with matters of faith. It took time for them to understand that, particularly when the chips were down, Humanity tended to gravitate to more spiritual matters.

Minister Larry Aimes and his wife Kira were among those who convinced the Farolds that Religion was an important aspect of life for Humanity. Larry was a theologian who studied a vast array of religions in order to understand them better. His wife Kira was a medical doctor who found that she could help her patients better during difficult moments in their lives if she knew a little bit about various faiths, so in her free time she studied with her husband.

Together they worked hard to show people that a different view on faith, spirituality and religion was ok. All that mattered was that people would learn to get along and respect one another. they formed the New Hope way, a movement that promoted a feeling of welcome and acceptance of differing views. Their motto was, and still is: " Whether you like to pray, meditate, sing, praise a God of your choosing, light a candle, hope for a better future? It matters not, all are welcome., They knew it was not going to be easy. For hundreds of years, wars had been fought in which difference of religion had played a big part. Convincing people on opposite sides to come together and get along, and to agree that they could disagree and still share a space together, was a very difficult challenge.

A New Hope cathedral was built in the city of Oria during the period 2002 to 2007. The Cathedral is a human historic landmark in the city, and many items from the old Earth have been preserved there, including books about every conceivable religion, paintings, statues and other old relics.

Progress for the New Hope Way was initially slow, with most people sticking to their own places of worship and remaining on opposite sides. this began to slowly change once the Kiohn began their war against Humanity. After so many Human Beings had been wiped out by the Kiohn race, and only a few million survived in the Caverns, many people finally realized that fighting over religion was not the right way forward. LeeLee Faro realized that, particularly in these dark and difficult times, Humanity would need their Faith more than ever, and so she allowed Larry, Kira and their children to go to the Caverns so they could continue the work they had begun.

It is important to understand that not all Humans have the same religion, or that all of them look at spiritual matters similarly. Everyone simply chooses on what feels right to them, and this is generally accepted. in the Caverns, every sector has one area where people who wish to do so can come together for worship services, meditations or other gatherings. Since Humanity started living above ground once again, work began on renovating the New Hope Cathedral.

Most Farolds belonging to the Oria Hegemony respect the New Hope way, even THOUGH they HAVE DIFFICULTY understanding the need to believe in spirituality. Science is their truth, although some who work with Humans and live among them may view this differently. It has been said that there are pockets of Farolds abroad who look to the spiritual realm for guidance.

Derek Chaufer is the current Overseer of the New Hope Cathedral.

He was born in 2170 and moved above ground with his parents in 2201.

His parents left Oria to settle on a trading post in 2212.

He has a degree in communications.

He and his staff attempt to facilitate a wide variety of beliefs and faiths.

If you would like something to be built at the Cathedral, he would be the person to talk to. (OOCly, send a support ticket to open discussions).

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