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Ship Info: Charging Starships

Ship Info: Charging Starships

Our charging method is a little different from other games of this nature. First you want to pay attention to your ship's initial charge so that you can see which reactor replacement core is best to purchase for a particular ship.

Next, the ship has to be in space to charge, and two units away from any structure. Just follow the instructions once you type REPLACE from any room that can perform repairs.

It is advised, but not required for you to purchase a couple extra replacement cores in case you need to replace one while away from home. These cores will be stored in your cargo bay.

Keep in mind, your ship will lose charge if powered while landed. To purchase upgrades, your ship needs to be on a landing pad but does not have to be powered up. Simply transport from the garage, buy your upgrades, then power up and go.

You can purchase charge boosters on New Netherlands to help if you should run out of charge. There is also an upgrade you can find in game that will power your ship down before it runs out of charge. This only works if you are landed.

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