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Who does not enjoy shopping to find the perfect buy or that upgrade to make something on your ship go faster or better? Vast horizon has a wide variety of shops for you to enjoy, and a few unique features that go with them.

Debit and Credit cards

Like in the real world, you need one of those plastic cards to pay for your goods. You can get a debit card from the Cavern Hub on Kapteynia Beta, more about our money and debit/credit card system can be found in HELP ECONOMY. You can also pick up a card at the bank above ground.

Once you have bought your item with the BUY command, you need to INSERT your debit or credit card into a cash register. They commonly are named cash register, counter or bar, but other varieties exist, and they are mentioned in the description of the store.

Wallets are useful items for storing debit and credit cards, and to make life easier, you can type INSERT (or INS) wallet in cash and choose the card you want to use. If you only have one card, it will automatically select it.




Don't forget to retrieve your new item from the cash register, and you are good to go.

Other useful hints

- So you want 3 shirts, but each a different color? Imagine your shirt is option 1 in the menu, you can simply Type BUY 3 of 1 and follow the prompts.

- If your item is too large to fit in a backpack, you can opt to have it delivered to your ship. Your ship must be on the nearest landing pad but it does not have to be powered up to have things delivered to it.

- If a clerk tells you that you don't have enough room in your storage for a reactor, you can quickly go sort it out and then go back into the shop and insert your card again.

- Did you buy the wrong thing and decide you want to cancel an order? Simply type CANCEL and follow the prompt.

If you purchase an item that can fit in a bag or on the counters and registers, and it does not require stock, you can continue purchasing items before paying.

If you have already placed an order that meets the above criteria, you cannot place an order that does not meet it. The reverse is true also.

When can I not purchase multiple items before paying? If you are purchasing a large item that would not fit on counters and registers or if you are in the middle of an order with items that can be placed on a counter. Assume items like washers, dryers, mining equipment and such will not fit on counters.

Happy shopping!

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