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Space Leeches

Space Leeches

Space leeches first appeared in late August of 2221. Little is known about these giant parasitic creatures but that they crunch your ship and seem to feed from the ship's charge. A spray was developed to rid your ship of these creatures and it has worked well thus far.

If you get infested with leeches during space travel, check damage and begin repairs. Then simply take your spray outside the ship and type SPRAY [ship name] WITH BOTTLE. Soon leeches will begin to fall from your ship and you will just need to continue the process until your ship is cleansed of these pests.

Do be mindful of your ship's damage. If not careful, you could lose the vessel.

Note, at this time a person with a NEWBIE flag's ship will not get infested with leeches. This is to be overlooked IC and treated as though they may.

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