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Spacesuits are required if you wish to go out into a hostile environment. They comprise of a top, bottom, gloves, helmet and boots. You also need an oxygen tank and, for spacewalking, a space jet pack. The basics you will need to get you started can be obtained in the caverns, but there are other shops that sell fancier suits and upgrades, often in very convenient places.

It is advisable to buy a spacesuit bag, since you can simply use the bag in order to wear or remove all the components of your suit at the same time, including oxygen tanks and space jet packs. You can also hang the bags in airlocks and unhang them when you want to use them, or alternatively wear them so you have your spacesuit with you at all times.

Note that you cannot wear parts of a spacesuit if you already have certain types of clothes on the same part of your body. For instance, you must remove your shoes before you can wear spacesuit boots.

Oxygen tanks only have a certain amount of supply within them, and must be refilled. If you look at your tank you will see how much oxygen you have left. To refill tanks, you need an oxygen tank refilling station, which can be bought at one of the spacesuit upgrade shops. Refilling stations must be bolted in a starship room, and the ship powered up. The tank can then be loaded onto the refilling station to charge, and unloaded when needed. It is possible to own two tanks, so that you can have one charging while you use the other. Alternatively, there is a refill station placed conveniently in the new section of Chrylia. Note, the need to be rescued due to lack of oxygen is in place but will be very costly if in a mine.


USE BAG - This will get everything from your spacesuit bag and wear it, provided you don't have other clothes in the way, or, if you are already wearing your suit, will remove all the items and put them in your bag.

HANG [bag] (from within an airlock) - This will store your bag there for later retrieval

UNHANG [bag] (from within an airlock) - This will retrieve the bag for use

LOAD [refill] - This will load an oxygen tank onto a refilling station, provided the station is bolted in a room in a powered starship and you are holding the tank.

UNLOAD [refill] - This will unload a tank from a refilling station

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