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Teamtalk guidelines and information

Teamtalk guidelines and information

VH has a teamtalk server that we maintain. This is a place where one can go, if they wish, to have a nice chat with friends and possibly new acquaintances.

If you are interested, please open a support ticket with a username and password. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

What teamtalk is not for.

Teamtalk absolutely is not for degrading others roleplay abilities as well as their out of character person. It is not a place to vent and complain about your situation in the game.

It also is not a place for meta activity. Keep it IC gang.

Example of this, someone says oh there is this big thing going, person in TT runs in before notified IC. That is absolutely meta and will not be accepted from the time of this file being written forward.

Also, if in the middle of a big scene or event, let us all, including staff, not discuss it.

As we state in the meta policies, we know people are going to laugh and discuss characters. It is not something we disallow. However, be mindful in the way in which you do it so that the meta threshold is not being breached.

This server is a privilege and those who have been hanging out there have enjoyed themselves for the most part. We hope to keep this avenue open but it is in its trial run.

If people cannot be respectful, it will not remain.

Always remember, the people behind the characters are just that, people. Let us not be hurtful.


We now have a way for you to stream songs on team talk.

In the root channel, there is a user called spotify bot(v2). Send the word "help" as a private message to get a list of commands.

The user "music streamer" can be muted or unmuted as you wish, and the volume can be changed.

Please do not abuse this, for example by setting its volume to a high level or by queuing up hundreds and hundreds of songs before anyone else has a chance to.

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