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Terminals for RP Purposes

Terminals for RP Purposes

Staff has placed terminals in various places of business. While we don't have these terminals in all locations, we can add as necessary or requested within reason. This will help us keep support tickets to a minimum and help you keep things IC. Keep in mind, if you need assistance with some RP plot, event, including appointments, you may also file a support ticket.

A complaint filing terminal can be found at the Oria Government center, east corridor.

A terminal for requesting appointments can be found at Faro Brentwood law office on LeeLee Avenue.

A loan officer appointment request terminal can be found at the bank on Willow Lane.

A terminal can be found where you can request an appointment with a reporter or submit a news tip. This is found on Delft Road which is located at New Netherlands.

A computer can be found for you to obtain some basic information regarding treasury reports. It also has general information about moons, planets, and space stations. It is in the treasury office of the Oria Government Center, which is located at the Oria Town Square.

A book review terminal can be found at Gonrah, Bixler Path. This is where to go if you want to submit a book for sale. Note, the book will need to be in your hand.

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