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The Dictator's Fleet(DF)

The Dictator's Fleet(DF)

Begun on January 7 of 2223, the Dictators Fleet was formed by Blazer Faro to allow those of like mind to protect and serve the people. The fleet is a prestigious undertaking. Those who are allowed to join the ranks are tasked with specific job roles which help to ensure there is order within the piloting community.

The fleets main goal is to keep the dictator safe. Along with that, they have safety duties to the hegemony at large.
Members of the fleet must show loyalty to the dictator above all else. This would be required to help ensure her safety.


Fleet Commander:

The one who oversees the fleet. They help with the organization and decisions that concern the welfare of the pilots. They are also in charge of receiving reports and rank above the others. This would include all forms of combat and security. The commander is considered a department head and will be treated as the rest of the department heads are. He or she can take charge of whatever they wish concerning the fleet, as they are the commander. He or she is the Superior officer and should be kept well informed of any situations and strategies to deal with situations.


Space and Ground Combat Captains:

The Captains are in charge of Space and ground related combat tactics, from flying techniques to gunning and everything in between. They are tasked with teaching combat to new pilots, as well as training classes if they are able.

Security Captain:

The security captains job is to head up anything security related, whether it be for the dictator or hegemony. They are not in charge of space or ground combat as those captains are and are not required to be a master of either. Having abilities is a bonus though.


Officers are tasked with keeping the peace. They patrol the area and make sure that nothing is amiss. They can report to any of the higher ups and do so regularly. They are the lowest rank.

Everyone is issued a military device which can stun those who are being unruly. This device allows for the control of the individual and for the officers on duty to take control.

When it comes to law enforcement, this fleet would be the top enforcers dealing with the player base. These officers are not your local city PD, but would have higher stature. More closely related to MP's or secret service types.

Note that this fleet is primarily made up with members of the playerbase. However, we can opt to have an NPC or two in there too so that we may join in the fun. It is almost a zero percent chance that an NPC character would take a commander or captain post.

Also note, if you have been inactive for more than thirty days, it is within the commander's right to remove you in order to make room for other active participants of the game. This should be roleplayed out rather than just throwing down the gauntlet on individuals.

Last item of note. You may not join the fleet until you have met two requirements.

1. You must have a profile submitted because this organization is heavy in the roleplay.
2. You must have at least 150 roleplay points to signify that you actually do roleplay.

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