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The Farold Race

The Farold Race

The farolds are, for the most part, a nomadic race. They are of an average human height, stand on two legs, and have two arms as humans do. Their eyes are cat-like in appearance. While their bodies aren't hairy, they do have fur on their heads and face, which is like that of a feline. While most farolds have human-like ears, it is not unheard of to find those farolds with cat-like ones instead. Most carry themselves with the attitude of sleekness and power.

Humans came across a faction of the Farold race in the early 1970s. This group would later be known as the Hegemony. Just a few years later, this elusive race decided to reach out and begin trade talks with earth. They did this so that they could both gain more knowledge of humans and for the simple fact that they have a great prowess for the industry of trade. It is the belief of farolds throughout the galaxy that trading is the beginning to opening doors for greater technology, which makes the scientists and engineers of the Farold community happy.

The Hegemony Farolds, and those abroad, are known for both their willingness to help and their arrogant nature. They believe that they are superior in both combat and technology to any race that we have discovered, and they probably are. This relays back to the fact that, though they are not warlike, it doesn't mean that they can't battle on the ground or in the air if the need should arise. Thus, this race was left alone when the Kiohn race tried to annihilate humans. In part, because the Kiohn beings would have most likely lost and they knew that the many talents of the Hegemony farolds and those abroad could be useful to their race.

In the 1980s, The Farolds who opened the door for human space adventures set up their first structured government, which later became the Oria Hegemony. While the farolds are travelers by nature, many have adapted to having a home planet and opted to not travel so much.

The Hegemony aided an estimated 500,000 humans in hiding from the Kiohn, 200,000 of these humans were placed in cryogenics chambers. Humans were given a vast underground city in which to live until such a time came that they were ready to rise up and become what they once were. Once humans began rising up from the caverns, the Kiohn changed course and began targeting Farolds far and wide. Their course of action is often to attack a generation ship or single vessel so that their will not be a large fleet with which to fight.

The Hegemony tries to help protect farold ships abroad, but one group simply cannot be everywhere all the time. Nor could they have enough technology to outfit everyone.

Many farolds abroad likely can defend themselves, but that is not to say all can. It would depend on many things which include resources. This is where the outreach program from the hegemony would come in.

Another note of importance, while farolds generally are peaceful, you may run into some factions or tribes with resentments towards humans, and even the hegemony, as you travel into the unknown. It is the fault of the humans and hegemony that they are now being targeted after all.

Though it may be possible for a human and Farold to have a romantic relationship, they cannot have babies in the conventional way. The Farold method of breeding is different from ours. Once every seven years, they can have an egg extracted. This egg is then chemically fertilized and kept in a special incubation unit at an undisclosed location. They can begin egg extractions at the age of 35. Through fertilization methods, it is possible to have a farald/human child.

Farolds set up their fertilization in much the same way humans would. If they are married, they could complete the process as a couple. If not married, they can set something up with a friend or a matching system according to the profile they are required to fill out.

Farolds have a strong belief in setting up your home and career before starting to have children. Their life expectancy is around 120 years, and so they chose 35 as a good start up family point. Currently, they are not allowed more than three children. Since they age differently than humans, middle age for them is roughly around the ages of 65 to 80 years. They usually begin to retire at the age of 95 to 100. They also come from all walks of life, rich, poor, criminal, straight-arrow, and their looks stay youthful longer. For example, a 50-year-old farold may look 20 years younger on average.

Legend has it that this race used to breed in a more similar method to ours. This was prior to scientifically enhancing their immune systems against radiation poison, which had nearly wiped out the race several centuries ago. It was post radiation immunity that they developed this new method of breeding. In short, the immunity enhancement period, which took centuries to perfect, also changed the way they have to breed.

The farold dictator lineage is as follows.

ArzaAra Faro 1989 to 1999.

KiKai Faro 1999 to 2015.

LeeLee Faro 2015 to 2108.

NaraNara Faro 2108 to 2122.

Arthur Faro 2122 to 2147.

LorkaLor Faro 2147 to 2200.

Larkra Faro 2200 to October 22nd 2221.

Blazer Faro October 22nd 2221 to present.

Born in 2197, Blazer is the sixth generation of LeeLee's lineage to become dictator.

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