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The Kiohn Race

The Kiohn Race

Members of the Kiohn race are of unknown origin. They stand between four and six feet tall, and have very thick pink leathery skin. Most have a hair color in various shades of blue, with their faces being covered by some sort of respiration apparatus. They breed quickly and have a short lifespan of around 50 years. This lifespan is believed to be the reason that they will run with reckless methods to get their jobs done. Rumor has it, that longevity technology was one of the trade points they had with the farolds, but nothing more is known by the public.

The story goes that in the year of 2017, the Kiohn began a power play war. In 2018, this race swarmed the thriving planets of the galaxy. Their intent was to annihilate the human race. They saw humanity as being in the way of the power that they wished to have. The war was bloody and devastating for mankind. Thus, a remnant of humanity was forced to go underground for 182 years.

One of the issues this race had was having to learn yet another language. Still today, common Kiohn do not know the English language, while traders and leadership learned it before things fell apart with the Farolds. Now, only persons holding leadership are required to know the languages of English and Faroldian.

Since Humanity began to surface in an attempt to reclaim what was taken from them at the hands of the Kiohn race, not material things but livelihood, freedom and power, the Kiohn finally decided to begin attacking the Farolds. This decision was made in 2216 by Kiohn master Grauk. The Kiohn began small attacks on the Farolds straight away, having figured out they had been outsmarted.

Little is known about the Kiohn race homeworld. They come from 3500 to 5000 light-years northeast of Kapteynia Beta. They are good with building ships, weapons and the like. They are also good traders. They have a very thick, soupy atmosphere, which is why they need respirators for most planets. It is said they don't have to wear these respirators while aboard a ship of their own building. Kiohn are of one sex and reproduce asexually. They do this by fertilizing their own babies, up to four per year. They birth through the mouth.

The kiohn have mobile outposts that they continuously move throughout the galaxy. This is the biggest reason that the FDD has regular patrols. In addition, scientists have unsuccessfully attempted to send probes to study their atmosphere further.

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