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The Space Train Network

The Space Train Network

If you are the kind of person who enjoys traveling without having to fly a ship, the Space Train Network may be just the thing for you. There are also certain locations you can't reach without taking a train, think about the Jungle for example. Here you can read all you need to know about Space trains.

In 2003, Farold Engineer LaroraLo Faro and his team designed the Space Train Network, also known as the STN. they were inspired by the trains on Earth, and invented a system of special space ships operating on a high octane fuel for quick transit on and between planets. The advantage is a quick relatively safe travel from one part of a planet to another by going into orbit. Space Trains are also used to travel between planets. There are also disadvantages, such as a limited range, high costs in operating the Trains and the fact that Space Trains can only travel between 2 fixed points. Yet, until this day the Space Train Network remains a popular mode of travel.

To make use of the STN, you first need to find a train station. Some train stations consist of two platforms, one for traveling to destinations on the same planet, others for travels to different planets.

Next, you need to buy a ticket. All Train Stations are numbered, but a quick glance at the MENU will help you figure out where those stations are. Some stations also have information boards that list destinations you can travel to. You can get both Solo and Group tickets, depending on your needs.

Note, buying tickets works the same way as all shopping on the game, for more info, read HELP SHOPPING.

Note 2, If you have issues with matching when getting your ticket from the ticket machine, GET TICKET FROM MACHINE might help.

Once you have bought and paid for your ticket, you need to wait for the train to arrive. This can take a little while. The train will come to the same place where you bought your ticket.

Once the train has arrived, you have a short time to ENTER it. Type ENTER TRAIN.

Note, you need to hold the ticket in one of your hands to be able to ENTER TRAIN.

Note 2, if you should miss a train, you need to buy a new ticket.

It can take a little while to reach your destination, so enjoy the ride.

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