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Tidbits and Geography

Tidbits and Geography

The timeline help file is rather large so here are a few tidbits that players should be aware of. Also, a bit of geographical information is provided for the area surrounding Oria.

Humans were involved in the great space industry boom of the late twentieth century. They set up shop, but did not govern, in the Farold city of Oria. They were also welcomed to travel throughout the galaxy and expand their businesses. Some of the things that they brought to Kapteynia, and possibly other places, were vegetation, animals and technology.

The Kiohn race began a campaign to wipe all of humanity from the galaxy in 2017. It was felt that the humans were gaining too much power and this power is something that the Kiohn race wished to have. They all but destroyed earth and some areas surrounding Oria in this attempt, killing 7.7 billion humans in January 2019. Being as the trade industry extended beyond Oria, the Kiohn race hit other places in surrounding areas in attempts to take out the humans.

The Farolds saw fit to aid the humans so that they would have a chance to not become extinct. They rushed 500,000 human beings into underground caverns and cryogenics chambers during the second half of 2018. The average population growth for the caverns was 9,340 per year. In 2200, the first Humans were finally able to come above ground.

Though the Farolds have been quite helpful to humans, there is much we do not know about them. They are secretive with most of their dealings. Humans do have a general understanding of Farold culture which has adopted some of human culture over the years. Most notably, some Farolds have adopted human names rather than their traditional method of naming. For example, LeeLee might have been known as such or could now be known as Lee if her Farold mother chose a more human style of naming her child.

The first group of Farolds permanently settled in Oria in 1989 under the leadership of ArzaAra Faro. However, it took until 2186 before the Oria Hegemony was officially formed.

The HPA first fleet is what you will enter into as you decide to become a pilot. Assume that there are other pilots, you are just a member of this first fleet, which will hold pilot idea and decision-making power. After the HPA first comes up with a decision, assume that time is given for the remainder of the human community to weigh in. We do this so that you don't have to pretend there are hundreds of pilots at a meeting you might call. Also, it will be easier to say, yes there are other pilots out there, but I know the members of my group well.

Geographical Information

The city of Oria is around 911 square KMs, (352 square miles in size. Its population is around 3,474,900 Farolds and nearly 85,000 humans. The precise population of the Farold race cannot be determined because most of them travel but their records office indicates that it is at least 3.5 billion Farolds. Rumor has it that they have three more home bases around the galaxy, but this has not been proven. Nor do humans know what other races the Farolds may conduct business with.

Just south of Oria is a vast farmland area, with 5500 Farolds living there and around 1200 humans employed at the ranches and farms.

A couple hundred miles southwest of the farmlands, are three cities, which have opted to not deal with Farold or human pilots nor space technology in any way shape or form. Around 2,700,000 Farolds and no humans live in these areas. These cities have their own local governments but are under the Oria hegemony. These are named, Klax, Idaband, and Ultre.

To the east of Oria is a vast ocean that has been deemed unsafe for human travel.

Six hundred miles southeast of Oria, are several rural villages. Around 2,125,000 Farolds and 5000 humans make a home in this area. While these villages don't deal with space technology, they are more friendly to those who fly. Each village is numbered like this, Satra-01 through Satra-35. The proper name for this area is The commonwealth of Satra. CS has its local governing body but is under the leadership of OH. Note that they will allow farold shuttles to pick up and drop off people visiting their villages. Currently these are special shuttles that cannot be purchased by pilots.

Near 200 miles southeast of Oria are the camp grounds. This is deemed a nice vacation spot for citizens of Oria and the commonwealth of Satra.

Since 2100, roughly 115,500 humans have come above ground. Most live on known planets, stations and moons, while a few have wandered off on trade or generation ships with other Farolds.

About 2.4 KMs, (1.5 miles) north of Oria, lies the vast Tamre jungle. It is around 5780 square KMs, (2,230 square miles), in size. Both unsubstantiated and factual accounts have been given about the creatures that dwell within this extremely dangerous place. Some say they are creatures that have mated with those brought from earth, making some weird new creatures. While others say there are mutated creatures that most likely have had issues with radiation deep within the jungle. Still others say that these are some creatures earth children used to read about in books, and some do look like those creatures. There are infrequent stories of mutated humans in the vast region. This is the reason that the great north wall was placed at Oria. There is always a security detail at the wall, and up to the date of 10/31/2220,, no creature had ever gotten into the city. Zombies, which were kick started by other creatures deep within the jungle, made their way into Oria and its surrounding areas. Pilots and the FDD fended these creatures off within a day, only losing one life. This was the youngest child of the renowned Drake family, Damion Drake.

Beneath Oria is a vast cavern, where around 2 million humans live. While many are waiting to trickle out as fast as the medication needed to help prevent future mass killings due to radiation poisoning will afford, many wish to remain in the caverns.

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