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Time and Date

Time and Date

The date of the game world is exactly 200 years in the future. For example, if it would be the first of october 2017 for you, it is very likely that in game it is the first of october 2217. As for the time, this game runs on Central USA time.

To find out what the time and date are through in character means, you will need a watch, which you can buy from a store. this help file will not tell you where to buy things, but I am sure a helpful person will be willing to point you in the right direction. Just ask the people you meet, or ask on an in character channel. Alternatively, you could just explore.

How to use a watch?

By LOOKING at your watch, you will see both the time and date. You can also type the commands TIME or DATE to see only the time or the date respectively.

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