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Timeline I: First Contact

Timeline I: First Contact

The following is section 1 of 5 of the Vast Horizon timeline. It is highly recommended that you read it and feel free to reference it as you go along with your RP.

1950 - Japanese scientists revealed that, in 1942, they had spotted a planet which could contain life. Their generation ship, which reportedly took just under seven years to build, was deployed with a crew of ten on June fifth.

1955 - NASA completed a decade long ship building project and deployed Earth's second ship into space. It was a science vessel named the USS Voyager A1. This ship housed four people. It carried scientific equipment such as a moon base surveyor. There was little room for anything other than the large ship computer, photography equipment, surveyor and the astronauts aboard this vessel.

1956 - Daren Yates, Barb Trace, Jim Neighcome, and Regina Hooth were the pilots of record to first land on the moon.

1972 - Astronaut Hiseki Moto and his generation ship crew reached Kapteynia Beta, which orbits the Kapteyn Star. After a short recon mission, they discovered the planet already inhabited by a group of Farolds, whose ancestors had fled their homeworld centuries ago in the wake of increasing radiation. Three of the crew agreed to stay behind and assist this group with farming techniques. In addition, it was arranged for a trade ship to bring agriculture equipment to Kapteynia Beta. In turn, the Farolds equipped Ykan'na Tanken-ka with their Burst Drive, which could travel a light-year in two weeks.

1975 - Roscosmos launched the first freighter - the RFFCS B072 - into space. It carried the aforementioned agricultural equipment, five Cosmonauts, medical supplies, food provisions, and a new rail gun, along with ammunition. A trade agreement was negotiated between Earth and the Farolds, to begin the following year.

1976 - A large Farold ship with sixty-five Farolds aboard landed on Earth. Their objective was a two-year study of human cultures, economic systems, and other details. Additionally, they signed a trade agreement for weapons in exchange for their Burst Drive technology. The Farolds brought along a large number of these drives and took home a massive quantity of weaponry.

1984 - The United States and United Kingdom put forth a proposal that Earth's nations form a united space defense program. With the discovery of alien life, the decision was unanimous. Exploration and trade would remain in the purview of each individual nation, but space defense became a global effort.

1987 - Retired Space Commander Dean Lancer and Farold Head Engineer AilAil Faro opened up the first civilian space training school. Their goal was to have civilian pilots able to lease ships within the next couple of years, for more frequent and lucrative space travels.

1988 - The Kapteynia Beta Farolds adopted the American dollar as their primary currency for trade. They also grant humanity permission to begin building on the planet. As the Farolds are a nomadic species, they had not made any permanent settlements on the planet, preferring temporary shelters.

1989 - A group of Farolds settled down in the newly-built capital city called Oria. ArzaAra Faro became the first dictator of this new government. This government would later become the Hegemony.

1990 - Civilians were given the right to rent, lease, or purchase space craft from Farold Space Industries. One group of civilian pilots discover Chrylia on their first trip, spurring interstellar industry even further. Human software specialist Elaina Patrick and Farold Chief of Astronomical Research NariNari Faro built a prototype ship computer taking half the size of previous models.

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