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Timeline II(b): LeeLee's Cavern Plans

Timeline II(b): LeeLee's Cavern Plans

In late 2017, LeeLee Faro began an extensive project to house 300,000 human beings in underground caverns. Her wish was to preserve the human race from extinction. She wrote a series of strict guidelines to implement this plan.

1. LeeLee ordered that 10,000 of the 300,000 humans be children with 7300 of them not being related to adult persons taken to the caverns nor each other. The rest would be fertile humans between the ages of 18 and 35. The adults were required to be specialists in various fields, including education, technology, military, science, agriculture, to caregiving. Despite the logistical difficulties, the selection process was completed in less than a year.

2. Initial construction was to be performed quickly, with a plan to continue building once the designated group of humans were safe.

3. 200,000 human beings were voluntarily placed into cryogenics chambers at an undisclosed location. These people were to be equal numbers of men and women taken from various parts of the Earth. They would be slowly thawed and returned to the population over the next 30 years. 85% would survive the process.

4. Procreation, though not relationships, was strictly monitored until it was certain that the population was stable. Artificial insemination was used, regardless of orientation, with the donor carefully selected. Genetic variation was given strong preference. Strong, established relationships were also given priority, though this was not always possible.

5. LeeLee ordered that the first two generations of pregnancies would be carefully curated to ensure a balanced male and female population. Subsequent generations would then be allowed to choose the sex of their first child.

6. Finally, LeeLee ordered that a cavern government be set up by humans once the population was settled. Farold representatives would later be appointed to assist this new government with the things they might need for security and other survival necessities.

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