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Timeline III: Years In Hiding

Timeline III: Years In Hiding

2019 - Mere weeks after the designated group of humans were brought to the caverns, the Kiohn irradiated Earth and its surrounding area. With the other human colonies emptied as people fled or evacuated to hidden caverns, Chief Hegemony scientist Drankank Faro officially declared humanity effectively extinct.

2024 - Growing restlessness saw increased desire for humanity to leave the caverns and return to the stars. Human and Farold scientists determined that the Kiohn nuclear weapons remained too great a threat and continued research into a solution.

2055 - Sectors A, B, and C of the caverns began to develop their own social classes and associated status. Farold leadership advised humanity against this budding disunity.

2088 - Years of radiation and unchecked natural disasters rendered Earth permanently uninhabitable.

2108 - LeeLee Faro passed away after 93 years of rule, mourned by both humans and Farolds. Her daughter NaraNara Faro, born in 2035, rose as new dictator at 73 years of age.

2109 - In honor of the first anniversary of her mother's death, NaraNara declared that no other hegemony Farold shall hold the name LeeLee going forward.

2122 - NaraNara Faro retired and was succeeded by her son Arthur Faro, born in 2070.

2125 - The reproductive restrictions were lifted by Arthur Faro due to stability in food and resources.

2130 - A solar flare damaged food production, leading to food riots in the caverns.

2147 - Arthur Faro retired. His son, LorkaLor Faro, became dictator.

2181 - A team of Farold scientists stumble upon notes regarding the Sigma 439 Gamma Epsilon Star, containing a promising planet. A research mission is immediately planned.

2184 - Dictator LorkaLor Faro approved a request to rename the Sigma 439 Gamma Epsilon Star to the GniaGnia Star. Likewise, its planet was named New Netherlands.

2186 - In the hopes of strengthening the economy through streamlined trade, LorkaLor Faro officially formed the Oria Hegemony. Humanity, still residing in the Farold's caverns, became members.

2187 - Farold colonization of New Netherlands began. The colony was used to recreate several lost European cultures in the hopes of future human habitation.

2199 - Student scientist Michelle Faro, along with human scientist Amanda Stevens, announced the production of a new drug, Riphenol, to help humanity protect against radiation poisoning. Ship computers also experienced further miniaturization alongside the development of dataslates for mapping. The FBN was also upgraded to allow for travel in minutes or even seconds.

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