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Timeline IV: A New Dawn

Timeline IV: A New Dawn

2200 - Austin Turner, his wife Maggie, and their twin infants Mark and Angie became the first documented humans to leave the cavern in 182 years. He later began a piloting career and provided the starting capital for his wife to establish Maggie's Diner. Larkra Faro, the fifth generation of LeeLee's line, became dictator after five years of working at the forefront of assisting humanity. Danny Keitz became the first human to be born above ground since humans went into hiding.

2202 - The Human Pilots Association, was formed. Unlike the Hegemony itself, this and other associations were commonly democratic in nature, or at least in part. Likewise, colonies of the Hegemony were given permission to have a ruling council act in a managerial capacity, so long as any new laws or other major decisions were brought before the Dictator for final consideration.

2207 - A host of scientists and pilots were killed when they ventured too far into a jungle thicket. The lone survivor brought back a story that verified long-standing rumors of creatures that looked like those portrayed in children's books from earth.

2209 - The gap between those living in the caverns and those who moved above ground began to solidify with the cavern-led mandate to establish a hub between the two, where trade and supplies might be contained. Those who left the caverns were forbidden from returning beyond the hub. The Farold leadership, shocked by this division, declared that they will continue to provide aid to the caverns until everyone had moved above ground, but that their charity would end there. Some humans expressed a desire to remain in the caverns indefinitely.

2213 - Miah Kensington was granted Farold citizenship and agreed to top secret testing conducted by Physiologist Nathaniel Faro and Chief of Science Michelle Faro. While the second human to hold office, she was the first to do so as a citizen.

2215 - Dictator Larkra Faro ordered that high walls be built around Oria, at the request of Security Chief JaJa Faro, to provide security for the increasing number of humans trickling out of the caverns. The walls would match the height of the original city walls, built to separate the city from the jungle some 80 years prior. Riphenol production struggled to keep up with the increasing surface population. Satellites were put into orbit to strengthen the planet's magnetosphere to help reduce surface radiation. This would also reduce, but not eliminate, the need for Riphenol.

2217 - A total of 72,937 humans now lived on the surface of Kapteynia Beta. Following Hegemony warnings against too many children in this harsh new environment, only those at least 16 years of age are allowed to depart the caverns to live on the surface without their parents or guardians. Nearly two million still chose to live in the relative safety of the caverns at this time. A rough estimate of a hundred thousand have departed the caverns and some chose to live on planets, moons, and space stations other than Kapteynia Beta.

2218 - Testing of the new long-range space travel drive, The Nuclear Energy Phase drive, began. This was done by COS Michelle Faro and HPA chairman Austin Turner.

2219 - A moon base was established on Kapteynia Beta's moon in a joint effort between the Hegemony Farolds and the humans. The moon was renamed Arvion, after Donald Arvion, in preparation of a large-scale terraforming project to take place there.

2220 - The HPA had grown to nearly 1,500 members. Dictator Faro created the HPA First Fleet to act as a governing council and liaison, holding only up to a few dozen members at any time. In addition, the OH science department gave the green light to reopen Luna.

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