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Useful Commands

Useful Commands

This is a list of commands that you may find useful, containing information you may not find out about elsewhere.

Information about your character and account.

INFO - displays various information about your account and such.

INFO ACH - Will show a list of your achievements.

OPTIONS - Allows you to change the many customizable options we have.

POINTS or POINTS ME - Shows your points in various categories.

PROFILE - Allows you to write and review your profile.

@UPDATE E-MAIL - Allows you to update your email address

@UPDATE PASSWORD - Allows you to update your password

WALK - Typing this alone will bring you into a menu of types of walk that your character can have. If you know you want a specific one though, you can skip the menu by typing such as WALK STRIDE

Game Information

HELP - Shows you a list of our help files. Alternatively type HELP followed by a name of a help file, such as HELP USEFUL COMMANDS.

POLICY - Shows you all our policies. You can also type POLICY followed by a specific policy name, such as POLICY OVERVIEW

@CHANGES - Shows you our most recent changes. You can add words to search for, for instance @CHANGES MINING

@ANNOUNCEMENTS - Shows you our recent announcements. You can add words to search for, same as @CHANGES.

@TEAM - Gives information about the staff and sometimes current or future projects or events.

@BUGS - Shows a list of known bugs and issues, and sometimes planned additions to the game.

TIP - Provides a list of all the tips we have written thus far.

Miscellaneous commands.

COMMANDS [name of thing] not sure how something works? COMMANDS can be used on items and places. Examples are COMMANDS HERE and COMMANDS TERMINAL. Can be shortened to X.

KEEPALIVE - Typing this will allow you to configure keepalive options should you have connection issues.

EMPTY or DUMP - Can be used to empty the contents of a noncompressible container. You can empty the contents of one container into another as long as both are already open, for instance DUMP BAG IN BACKPACK

INVENTORY - Shows what you are wearing and carrying in your hands, can be shortened to I or INV.

HANDS or HOLDING - Shows you what you are carrying in your hands.

SORT ME - Brings up a menu that enables you to rearrange the order of miscellaneous items in your inventory.

SORT [container name] - Brings up a menu to rearrange the order of items in your container, for example SORT BACKPACK.

Sort [HERE] - Will allow you to sort a room you own, hotel, house, or other.

RP-REWARDS - This command will allow you to see roleplay points and reasons that you have been awarded.

GROUP [name of person] - Allows you to group another person.

UNGROUP ALL - allows you to disband your group.

UNGROUP [name of person] - Allows you to remove the specified person from your group.

JOIN [name of person] - Allows you to join another person's group.

LEAVE - Allows you to leave a group.

OOC TOGGLE - Toggles the reception of room OOC chats on and off.

@SETDESCRIPTION - Takes you to the description aisle so that you can complete your description if you have not done so.

ABORT - Removes you from the description aisle if you are not ready to write one. Note, you cannot exit the aisle if your two week waiting period is up until you write the description.

@RP - Takes you into the RP menu so that you can give recognition to someone for a bit of good RP that you witnessed. You may fill in other names if applicable in the comments section.

STAFF - Gives you the space to write something that your character is thinking about so that staff can see it.

REPORT - provides the space for you to send a report, whether it be typo, bug or other.

SUPPORT - Provides you the space to send in supports of various ranges. Questions, events, issues, letters to NPC's and anything else that may require a conversation between you and staff.

SUGGEST - Provides the space for you to send in a suggestion for the game.

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