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bot checking

bot checking

The @bot-check command can be used when you believe someone may be botting (also known as scripting).

Simply type @bot-check , and you will be prompted to ask them a question. Please do not ask questions like "Are you scripting?", "Are you botting?", any in character question, or anything that would be considered OOC chatter. Please also avoid mathematical questions, as those could be scripted.

The game will notify you if you have been bot checked, and you will have 10 minutes to answer the question before you are flagged by the system as potentially botting. To answer a bot check question, type @bot-answer.

If you have 3 or more confirmed bot checks, you will be spoken to by at least 2 staff members.

Please note: This is in addition to our other script/bot detection methods, we do not require confirmed bot checks to pull you aside. It is simply a way for you, the player, to help us find and counter scripting.

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