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entertainment equipment

entertainment equipment


We have a robust film editor for your creative juices. You have control over how your film looks right down to adjusting the time between frames. Type USE editor to get in the menu so that you can use the device.

1: Add A New Frame

This one is self explanatory. You can add one frame at a time. Alternatively, for VIP Mud users, the #send method will work here. Those who have other clients that enable sending many lines at once, you will need to see how it works for you. Let us know if you run into issues.

2: Remove A Frame

Here again, self explanatory. You can remove a frame from the list of frames shown to you upon selecting this option.

3: Sort The Frames

You can rearrange your frames for whatever reason you need. With this method, you'd need to sort the entire list. So, if you wanted to move frame 59 up to 46, start by selecting frame 1, 2, 3 and so on.

4: Change Delay Times Between Two Frames

This one is important. If you write a short scene, say 40 characters, 10 seconds may be enough. If you write a lengthy scene of say 200 characters, you may want to consider changing the time between that and the next frame to say 20 seconds. At this time, you can change the times between 10 and 45 seconds. This is also good for pausing longer between scenes for such things as a cliffhanger. Note, the current delay times will be shown to you as you read through the frames in this option. When deciding time delays, keep in mind that people read at various speeds.

5: Spellcheck The Film

After each frame added, you will get an option to spellcheck it or not. You may also opt to just say no and spellcheck the film when it's complete. Our spellchecker is very basic and may flag words that are in quotes and other things. While the spellchecker is here for your use, we encourage you to run the film through your own spellchecker so that you can catch other errors too.

6: Set A Rating

This is very important and should not be done incorrectly. G is for family. PG13 is for teen oriented films. R is for mature audiences. NC17 is for more explicit content, especially that of a sexual nature. People may want to know what type of film they are about to watch so please, please do not joke around with this option.

7: Rename The Film

You may rename your film with this option.

8: Play The Film

This option will play back your film in preview mode and can only be seen by one person.

9: Export The Film

This option will give you a copy of your film.

10: Erase The Film

If you need to start over, simply erase the film and then restart your masterpiece.

11: Finish

This will finalize your film and have it ready to be sold at your local holocard outlet. Once you finish the film, it will automatically export your finished copy and you will not be able to use that holocard for editing purposes again.

Note that we reserve the right to remove any film that we deem as sloppy work. In fact, once you submit your film, it will not appear in the shops until we have looked over it. We will do this as quickly as possible but don't get upset if the turnaround time reaches a week. Just save us all the trouble of having to rewrite your film by taking extra care with spelling, punctuation and so on. Staff does not claim to be perfect spellers either but we really want to see things like films and books well-written.


This is needed for both editing and viewing films. While you can only load one holocard into the editor, you may load up to five in the entertainment center.

Time Delay Examples

The Boxer, starring Bob Evans as the boxer. Delay 10 seconds as it is pretty short.

A masked man draws a gun on Bob the boxer! Delay of 12 seconds because, while short, it draws out what happens next.

Bob puts on his gloves. He flexes his muscles and begins to methodically punch a bag. Some time passes as we see a masked man enter the room. It is evident that Bob does not see him. A delay of 20 seconds or more because this is a bit longer scene. It is 146 characters.

These are just examples and you can play with the frames to see what works best. One of the big reasons to delay a longer scene is so that people can have ample time to read it. Whether they be a slower visual reader or screen reader user, the films won't be enjoyable for them if they have to race to keep up.

Entertainment Center

This is the device used for watching films, listening to advertisements, and music. If you only have one holocard loaded and type USE entertainment, it will begin to play the film. If you have multiple cards loaded, typing USE entertainment will take you into a list of film titles which you would make a selection from.

Typing STOP entertainment will stop the film and then play it from the beginning once you type use entertainment again.

Typing PAUSE entertainment will pause your film. Type PLAY ENTERTAINMENT to resume it.

Typing TURN entertainment will turn on the radio/advertisement section of the unit. Note that when you turn it on, it may respond immediately or take a few minutes. It's ran on a set timer.

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