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family and friends

family and friends

Staff understands that some people will want to say they knew each other before becoming a pilot. Maybe they were even married before becoming a pilot. Also, they were siblings, cousins or something. While this is logical given that the population of the caverns is a small fraction of today's world, we don't want this to become a huge trend in the game. It can both enhance and dampen RP experiences.

If you wish to do a family type story line, you must discuss the matter with us before character generation is complete. Be aware that we will not allow any families consisting of more than 2 members from here on out.

If you and your OOC friends just come to the game and form a family without speaking to staff, we will ask you to change your roleplay course. It can be a hindrance to roleplay of others when half the game knows each other and clusters together from day one. Please, be creative rather than trying to just go the easy road and know all your OOC friends.

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