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go exits

go exits

Go exits are a thing and may not always be so obvious. For instance, when you are walking along a street, you might see something like "you see a display of shoes in a window here". That would probably indicate that there is a shoe shop you can go into here. To use them, type GO [place name]. For example Uncle Ed's Fried Fixings. Typing go Ed will not work but typing go fried or fried fixings will.

In some instances go shop may work too. The point here is be patient and try various combinations of words as you walk along the streets. You might find a nice shop that you otherwise would have missed out on.

You may also want to try peering into the door. Some you can and others not. Again, commands can vary with this, so if one thing doesn't work, try something different.

Typing the word GO will indicate whether or not a there is an exit for you to go into in said area.

If the go exit has a door, typing go door will get you into a shop. Note, not all go exits have been set up with doors.

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