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profile: basic writing information

profile: basic writing information

Do I need to write a profile?

The staff of VH maintains that writing a profile is not required for this game. However, there are instances in which it is required. We will explain this further below.

Writing a profile is required if you plan to have a meaningful side career in VH, or if you want consideration for character events and stories. This holds true especially if your character is one who may become integral to the game. These careers are often heavy on the roleplay, which goes hand in hand with writing your profile. Writing this profile also helps us determine your ability to have this career as we work with you to make things happen, or not.

If you are just wanting to play the game, and not become heavily involved in roleplay, writing the profile is not required but heavily encouraged. Please note though, if staff sees you not writing a profile and continuously coming up with stories and career aspects of your character, we will likely approach you to write one. This will help keep us on par with you as pertains to your story orientation, or lack thereof. This also helps us be able to establish that yes, this happened to you, or yes, you did have this job. Opting to not write a profile will render you overlooked for possible big event leads too. The reason being, without some guideline for us to check, your story could get very messy and convoluted. The example is below.

Tracy doesn't write a profile. She tells everyone that her parents were riot police and that she dabbled in that field before becoming a pilot. Then we come to six months later. We are taking over Rayford's station. We need a captain to organize us. Tracy, "Oh, I did this job in the riot police and got metals before they moved me up to first engineer."

Without that profile to guide us, Tracy is probably going to get called crazy and we move onto an individual who has provided qualifications, also known as, a profile.

The staff of Vast Horizon hope that you will create a profile to help you begin your character's story. This will give you something to build from and help us help you if you should require some RP assistance as you go along. You will not be penalized for not writing a profile but will be considered for RP events if you do. The reason we do this is because a profile is an integral piece of forming your background. It can also be a reminder of things about the character if you should forget something.

While we do not require you to write a profile, it is a necessary step with other aspects of this game. These include, but are not limited to, a particular conversation with a scientist, and entry into certain ship shops.

You can be given a reward for completing this profile.
Very sloppy profile, 0 RP points.
Average quality profile, 5 RP points.
Well written profile, 10 RP points.
Profile of greatness, 25 RP points.

The command to begin writing or to view your profile is PROFILE.

Who is my character?

A good starting point for writing your profile is asking yourself the question: "Who am I playing?" Is my character male or female? What's the character's name? What does he or she look like, favourite clothes, and similar. These are not things for your profile, but could be a starting point if you struggle to get in the head space of your character. From there you can start looking at different aspects to your character, such as personality, early life and goals. In the sections below we will go into detail on these various parts of a profile.

Note, it is required to fill out a profile in sections as explained below.

Early life.

Describing something about your character's upbringing and early life in your profile gives you something to talk about while roleplaying. It is also considered that someone's childhood and upbringing define a lot about who a person is, their values etc. The following is a list of things relevant to writing about early life history and contains information your character knows:

In the year 2018, 300,000 humans were brought to an underground city located in the caverns on Kapteynia Beta, which had been built by the Farold race in order to make sure the human race would not be entirely wiped out. They also placed 200,000 volunteers in cryogenic suspension.
Early in 2019, when the work on transferring Humans to the Cavern City was barely finished, the Kiohns made good on their threat and sent radiation levels skyrocketing on Earth. You are a descendant of this group of people.
In the cavern city the people live across 3 different sectors. These are as follows.

A. High class, wealthy people.
B. Middle class, average wealth people.
C. Lower class people who struggle economically.

There is a help file for each sector giving more details on the specifics, and which may well give you information you need for role playing purposes.

- In the year 2200, flight simulator student Austin Turner, his wife and their children were the first documented human beings who left the caverns, after the remains of humanity had lived there for approximately 182 years. After that humans were let out of the cavern city in small groups, and this is still happening. Vast Horizon opened during the in game year 2220. Your character was born in the cavern city, unless you talk to staff to agree anything different.

More information about the history can be found by reading the timeline help files in game or on the website. Tidbits, leaving the cavern, and where are you from are also important files to read. But unless you plan for your character to be a historian, you do not need to know all the ins and outs right away for a profile.

When writing about early life, you can include answers to questions such as:
- Who are your parents and family?
- What was it like to live in an underground city?
- How did you feel about leaving the cavern for the very first time, having never seen the sun shine, or other things we take for granted?
- when and why did you leave the cavern city, and how did you feel about living above ground, which was a totally new concept to you?
- How do you feel about not being able to go back to your old home in the Cavern City?
- What were your hobbies, interests, aspirations, dreams and wishes when you were young?

These are just some suggestions, you do not need to write about everything on the list above, but hopefully it will help you get the thought process started.


Describing your personality is probably the most important part of your profile, because it defines how your character will respond to situations in game while roleplaying. Is your character peaceful in nature, or rather aggressive? Is he/she very outspoken, shy, modest, brave, patient/impatient, etc? Is he/she curious, adventurous, or more the stick with what I know type? There are a whole lot of personality traits to consider, and it is up to you to decide who you want your character to be. Here are a few tips.

1. Do not play yourself. We can't actually stop you from being yourself, but it really isn't role playing. Also, if your character is too close to who you are in real life, if things don't go well for your character, it may become very hard to see your character and yourself as 2 separate people.

2. Design a character you will enjoy playing. Only you know what that is, but playing something that you don't like is no fun, and this is a game after all.

3. Give your character a flaw. Maybe a perfect character who knows everything and can do everything perfectly seems fun, but it's not very realistic. Of course, a "Know it all" can be a personality trait you want your character to have.

4. As your character develops, his/her personality might slowly change over time, but what you write in your profile is the starting point. Someone's personality does not change from day to day.

5. Be specific in describing your personality. "I am usually a shy person unless I am angry," is rather vague. Being shy in certain situations is cool, but then also describe what motivates you, which things can make you really angry, and so on.

Character goals and aspirations.

There you are! You came through character creation and live in the Vast Horizon universe. You are already grown up, and what are you going to do now? You don't need to have a fully planned set of goals, but it is good to think about a few goals you want to set for your character.

In most cases your character will be a pilot, although we do also allow Nonpilot Characters in Vast Horizon. For more information about this, see help Nonpilot Characters. Regardless of your job, you will probably have goals and aspirations. This can include short time goals, such as what would you like to see your character do in the near future? You could also think of long term goals for the distant future, like what your character wants to do when no longer a pilot. Describing goals can help you think about the direction your character wants to go, the story he or she wants to tell.

A few final comments.

Hopefully the information in this help file will give you a good starting point. Here are a few things worth considering.

Write a profile that really says something about the character you want to play. More words is fine but not always better, a short profile that describes the points we talked about in this help file is just as good, or maybe even better than a lengthy one.

Some people rather write their profile from an in character point of view, or autobiographically, others might rather write about their character from the third person prospective. Find the method that works best for you.

It is understood that some people will have tragedies in their background. But, we see an overwhelming need to create chaos, violence, tragic abuse stories, I am from sector A but hate sector A profiles. We ask that you consider this. Sometimes a tragic profile is good but if everyone has tragedy who exits the cavern, where does that really leave the human race? We try to write the cavern living help files to demonstrate that no sector is blameless and they all have good and bad things.

Think outside the box. War is something we are involved in. However, humanity has more to focus on than being great warriors. They need to establish themselves in many ways through humanitarian efforts, through learning, building cash flow and so much more.

If you have read this help file and still have questions, We are happy to give you a hand. Just send them in a support ticket and we will do our best to answer them.

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