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support tickets

support tickets

Support, report, suggest


Typing SUPPORT will give you a list of things to do.

1. View/Open a new support.

You can open a new support or view a previously sent support or supports. It should be used for things like initiating a conversation with staff about fleshing out an idea, dealing with an issue that may require a lengthy conversation, and other things.

2. Change if you see the contents of the support reply as soon as it's sent.

You can decide when you get reply notifications with this command.

3. Exit the utility.

Exits the utility when you are finished.

Supports should be sent in most cases. These would include any issue or idea that you feel may need a discussion with staff.

Also note that you can use the support system to begin some communication with an NPC. Just explain to us what you are doing and then write your letter, notice or whatever is needed. We will respond in kind.


Simply type REPORT to send one of these. Please use this for bugs and typos only. Any game suggestion, plot ideas or whatever will be ignored via the report system.


If you have a game idea, or other suggestion, just type SUGGEST and send it in.

Note that reports cannot be replied to via the report system. Thus, choose carefully. Use support for things that you think might require responses from staff.

Furthermore, keep in mind that we do have lives but will get to your issue as quickly as possible.

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