Vast Horizon Policies



From time to time, staff may initiate an event or plotline that requires roleplay. Metagaming for such events is against policy. If you have event suggestions, feel free to use the suggest or support command and lay your idea out for us. Something just might come of it. Keep in mind, if this event is something that requires a conversation between you and us, send a support ticket. Alternatively, some NPC's can be mailed letters, but these letters can also be formatted in a support ticket.

These events could be a large exploration trip, small party, why you are going on that three-month vacation, or beginning of a plot. Your options are endless, and staff will be happy to help as time allows.

We will try to run a minor event once every couple of months. However, sometimes this will be more and sometimes less. We do have lives and have other work to maintain the game. Major events will be less frequent but will happen. The reasoning behind this is because of the length of time it may take to complete a major story arc type of event.

If you plan an exploration trip, keep in mind that we won't always be able to do a big production for you. Just send a support and talk with us about your plans. We will do our best to work with you.

Note, reminders that will display to the game can be OOC or IC. If you want a reminder set up for your event let us know. This may include but is not limited to a trip, party, or wedding.

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