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In short, metagaming is when you use OOC information to decide how your character will behave. While we understand that people are going to sit with their friends, discuss games they play and maybe even what their characters are doing, we ask one thing. Please do not use skype, twitter or other forms of OOC communication to disrupt a plotline that the game has going. Regardless of what you do or don't discuss out of character, take care to not let it mesh with the game.

Some examples of this could be as follows. Ray and Tina are great OOC friends. Samantha has blown up Tina's ship and stranded her. Ray, who was dating Samantha IC, lashes out and begins to cause her problems because he is friends with Tina OOCly. Tina had this big event planned IC that was to last three weeks. She gets upset and calls up her OOC friends who begin targeting Ray's friends. The end result is people get upset and leave. Then staff is left with an event that they worked hard on and now cannot do because metagamers have wrecked the storyline.

Your personal friendships are more important than a game but please respect our wishes as far as plotlines go and we'll all have a better gaming experience. Staff is not going to go so far as to ask you not to discuss the game, just be mindful of your OOC and IC actions.

Also prohibited here is planning group game mechanic related activities using OOC methods such as those listed above.

The best advice staff can give here is to separate OOC from IC. Just remember that what your character does, is not what you are doing to your OOC friend.

If you are caught disrupting our plots or harassing others IC with OOC planning, there will be consequences.

A couple more examples are this. "Hey Bob, my character just gave yours ten donation vouchers. Log on and spend them." "Hey Nancy, Ray wants to flirt with your character."

Doing things like this will suggest how another character is to behave and thus it is best not to divulge information that directly involves their game play reactions.

Happy gaming.

This policy was last modified: 05/11/21 at 2:34 a.m.

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