Vast Horizon Policies



First of all, Vast Horizon is an RPI game. Let us take a moment to explain the various types of RP.


The act of taking on the role of a person other than yourself in order to perform some action or series of actions that directly or indirectly affect the world around that character.

RP encouraged
A game where in character and out of character lines of communication or action are nonexistent. Nobody is going to scream at you for mentioning your computer or the latest pet antics.

RP enforced
A game where there are formal rules about the difference between in character and out of character communication and actions. Someone will yell at you if you talk about computers and the antics of your pet on an IC channel.

RP intensive
A game where most of the possible communication channels for out of character discussion have been removed and where the overall goal is to keep people in character as much as possible. Not only will someone yell at you for speaking of the computer or pet, but they may label you as crazy.

The goal of this game is to keep a good gaming environment in character as much as possible, while giving you a small dose of the social outlet people seem to crave.

Staff strives to maintain a good Roleplay environment and we advise that you not break character to apologize for little things such as a typo. While it is fine to disclose that OOC issues have come up which will impact your IC activities for an evening, be advised that some players will and should handle things IC, especially if your issues become a pattern.

Furthermore, we ask that you make sure the person you are planning to RP a relationship with is a consenting adult and on the same page as yourself. While this game has adult themes in nature, it is not primarily a sex game. Therefore, forcing yourself on an unwilling sexual partner will have OOC implications, as we do not condone that here.

Stick with the theme of the game. If you have an idea that seems outside the theme of the game, discuss it with staff first. You cannot make up outlandish events that will change the plot or theme of the game without staff approval. If you do, then expect some kind of reaction in character as you will probably be demonstrating some sort of unstable character attributes.

Try to stick with your character. Part of playing a good character is to develop your storyline over time and stick with it. Changing your history, family and the like repeatedly is both confusing and not good roleplay. If you had three brothers when you arrived, don't change it to zero or five in six months.

Note that roleplay is not always combat related. Relaxing in a bar, lounge or stirring up things on the IC channels to see what will come up are also methods of RP. There are a vast number of things that you can do for roleplay that both involve and do not involve combat. Be creative and you might get a few RP points from the staff!

To Roleplay means that you are playing a character other than yourself. While we understand that bits of us will be in our characters, try to make the character as different and unique from your personality as possible. The game becomes a lot more enjoyable when you escape reality for a time and have fun. Get into your character's head and see how they would act, what they would do. This takes practice and comes easier with building a good character.

Learn separation from OOC to IC. If a character played by a member of staff does something to your character, it is IC, and not because we, the OOC staff do not like you the OOC player. This is how it should be for you and your friends. Just because you are best friends with someone out of game, does not mean you have to be best friends in game. That sometimes can make for boring RP. Step out of the box and don't play your OOC self.

Also of note is that roleplay can have good and bad consequences for your character. While we will do our best to assist you in keeping your character playable, we cannot promise that you will never have IC consequences for your roleplay. Life isn't always easy going nor rough, good and bad will happen. Do your best with the roleplay and please send us a support if you have questions or concerns.

Note that staff suggests you read the family and friends help file before jumping in and proclaiming you are somehow related to half the HPA first fleet or Peace Keepers Association. It's just not a good idea to go ahead with that story beginning.

If you have any RP questions that pertain to your character or how you can improve with your roleplay, feel free to send us a support and ask. The staff will be happy to assist where we can.

We hope you enjoy creating and playing your character here at Vast Horizon!

This policy was last modified: 02/12/21 at 10:17 p.m.

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