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sexual conduct

Sexual Conduct

Before we get started, staff wishes to give this disclaimer. Vast Horizon is a game with adult themes. We have no issues with those wishing to write out their sex scenes. However, there are a few things we expect from those wishing to write these scenes.

Sex, for most, is a normal part of life. In this game though, it is absolutely not to be forced on any person. Whether or not a person wishes to RP a full sex scene is entirely up to the individual behind the keyboard. Here are a few suggestions. If you are not into writing elaborate sex scenes, please do an oocsay to the other party or parties of your comfort zone. The person behind the other keyboard simply will not know what you are comfortable writing if you don't speak up. Finally, let somebody know if you are under the age of eighteen and simply cannot write this sort of scene. Adults be careful so that you aren't engaging in writing explicit scenes with a minor.

This goes both ways, if you are one who wishes to write these scenes, make sure the person you are doing this with is comfortable before diving in and writing. Having a good RP understanding will make things go more smoothly for all involved.

What two people do in the privacy of their ship or place of dwelling is their business. Basically, just be smart and do not try pushing somebody into writing scenes they don't wish to write. At the end of the day, this is just a game and there is no need to make others uncomfortable. Fade to black works nicely after a good cuddle scene if you are uncertain as to what the partner wants to write or their age.

Please do not send in support tickets complaining that Fran and Simon are talking about sex or BDSM too much in front of you, and other such frivolous matters. This being a game with adult themes staff will not be policing idle conversations.

Happy sexing, or not sexing.

This policy was last modified: 05/06/22 at 2:47 p.m.

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