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character conflict and pvp

character conflict and pvp

Player conflict is a thing that is allowed here because it is part of life. Sometimes this player conflict may involve PVP. Rest assured, this is the only way that PVP will be tolerated here.

PVP will have IC consequences if you get involved in it simply because this is a roleplay game. However, PVP just because you are good at it and want to go shooting up every ship that comes into sector 4 is against policy here. Behaving like this will turn a player conflict option into an OOC issue very quickly. Our advice is to find another solution to your character conflict where possible. During those times that PVP is your solution, make sure that you have a better IC reason than he is dumb, or I don't like him. He called me a bad name won't cut it either.

Further defining PVP so that we all are on the same page may be important here. If you punch someone with a fist in a bar, that's whatever. It is when you shoot someone with a ground or air weapon that the seriousness of PVP begins.

With respect to character conflict, just make sure this conflict is totally IC and things will go more smoothly. Keep your OOC issues with someone at home. At the end of the day, we strive for all players to find a way out of their issues and continue to play the game. Making sure your conflict is IC will help us be able to do this. The OOC to IC barrier is a hard line to keep away from. The best advice staff can offer here is, branch your character out. We're going to notice if you are always tight with your real life best friend. In fact good roleplayers are going to notice and some may even alert us. Branching out will help keep your OOC to IC divide away and it will help keep the temptation to metagame away.

It is not mandated that you not be friends with your real life friends, but keep in mind, it could cause issues if you are not careful to keep good separation in mind. Problems can arise, but we hope they will not.

Staff maintains a zero tolerance policy for OOC to IC issues which may result in friends ganging up due to OOC nature for IC issues. Things like this are easier to spot than one might think so, just don't do it. It can cause major issues for us and unknowing individuals in the game. Upon a discussion of the issue, there will be no warning level here. Points will be removed.

Having said that, we do realize that things sometimes happen which may cause a character to be unplayable. We ask that you talk with us before it gets that bad for you and we'll see what can be done to keep your character playing. We know that there will be times that it cannot work out and the character needs to retire. We will make sure options are weighed out before reaching that solution, if you approach us for said options.

Stranding may be part of a character conflict so we will iterate that you must not strand someone on an asteroid or any other area in this game that does not provide a way for them to get help. This also holds true for locking someone behind a passworded door. If we are on the chase of a bad criminal, be creative and hope that they will do proper roleplay because doing things like locking someone away in your home is not allowed. The only way that this form of stranding would be okay is if an NPC called for it to be a way of catching someone who did very bad things. If that hasn't happened, just don't do it.

This policy was last modified: 07/30/22 at 6:12 a.m.

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