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deleting, rerolling, and purging

deleting, rerolling, and purging

We understand that people go away for a long time, delete characters, and even bring up new ones. We have a few rules regarding these matters.


Our purging is simple. If you have under 10,000 aggregate points and are inactive for six months, all items but the following will be removed. These are your character, ships, donation items, and donation vouchers.

If you think you may be gone longer than six months, you can select extended leave on the login screen and will be given another six months, totaling one year. You can only use this prompt every 90 days so use it carefully.

Your character can be purged under the following circumstance. If you have zero points across the board, did not do a description, and are inactive in the description aisle for two weeks. We will not send out reminder emails that this is about to happen.

Character Deletion

Upon deleting, you will be prompted twice if you are certain, with the last being that you need to type out the entire word. The reason we do this is because once you delete, everything is gone, no restoration period is given. Please use this wisely.

We are not required to allow donation items to be carried over to a new character, but, if you discuss this with staff prior to deletion, we may offer a portion of your donation item cost. These would be for expensive items such as, but not limited to, homes. Keep in mind, a portion is not a full refund. We offer something as a token of our appreciation for you to play the game. If you delete before speaking to staff about your items, no refund will be given upon you rolling up your new character.

Note that you cannot delete while aboard a space ship nor in a room with other players.


We understand that sometimes you really must reroll. This means deleting your character and starting a new one. However, if this is done too often, or in the middle of some roleplay, it can be disruptive to the game. We would very much encourage you to talk to us if you are thinking of rerolling. We are here to help when we can. This is not to say that we discourage rerolling, it is a game after all and you are free to do as you wish.

If you become a person who regularly rage quits, especially in the middle of an ongoing plot you are involved in, you may find yourself starting a new character with negative aggregate points. Discuss things with us before you delete out of anger. Or step away for a couple of days to see if you can calm down and rethink your situation.

If you are not one who constantly rerolls and have done an excellent job of playing out your character's story, speak to us upon rolling in your new character. We may give you a small point bonus equaling 300 points for the productivity, science, and combat categories.

If you are one who enjoys rerolling often, no such gift will be given. This is defined as starting a new character every month or two. Again, if you delete and bring up a new character to get out of the hot water your previous character got into, or because you don't like his or her place in a current event, your points will be impacted negatively. This will be at the discretion of staff, depending on how often it happens, and the upheaval it created for the event you were involved in.

Lastly, frequently rerolling to dip out of a plot you got yourself involved in may get you a no delete tag. This means, you've done this reroll thing more times than is necessary and may have disrupted roleplay for those around you. This does not mean you cannot delete the character, but would need to speak with staff before doing so. We simply are not about forcing someone to play a character they find undesirable to play but sometimes a conversation is needed. This tag will afford us the chance to have that conversation with you.

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