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Hoarding is holding onto a larger number of objects than one could possibly use. This could be thirty cases of drink, dozens of shirts that are of the same type, or even different types.

We have no problem if you store a larger quantity of objects in compressible containers then you would in your purses and other bags. However, we do ask that you be sensible with it. Database bloat is not yet an issue for us and we hope to keep it as such. Compressible containers include, dressers, wardrobes, artifact containers, and suitcases. Purses, evening bags, wallets, and brief cases are not compressible, thus contribute to database bloat.

We strongly discourage players storing large quantities of objects in uncompressed containers, ship floors, hotel room floors, tables, streets, and other imaginable places.

1. When the database checkpoints, it saves from the ram to the server. The more unnecessary objects we have lying around, the longer the checkpoint will take. This could cause more lag time. No one enjoys lag while playing a game, and it can quickly become a detriment to everyone's playing experience.
2. Database bloat has more undesirable effects and can become a huge disruptive issue for any game, which will result in additional measures to prevent it.

Creating an account to maliciously hoard items, will be dealt with in a more stern way than the daily player. However, said daily player may have items disappear if they do not keep their house clean. This will ultimately be up to staff as to how we handle it.

If you are one of those people who like to have a large amount of same objects, all we ask is, be smart about it.

Thank you.

This policy was last modified: 05/06/22 at 2:47 p.m.

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