Vast Horizon Policies



At Vast Horizon, we don't like to have too many rules, but there are a few important ones that must be followed regarding names.

1. Your character should have a human or fantasy style name, which will be made up of a first and a last name. Most names are acceptable, except that you may not use a copyright or otherwise famous name. You may not use Harry Potter, or the like, for instance. You may not use names that would not make sense as human names or fantasy names, such as naming yourself after a song or a film.

2. Regarding ships, and anything else you may own, you can use any name you like, with the following exceptions:

A. No famous or copyright names, for instance USS Enterprise.

B. Nothing that could cause personal offense of any kind.

Otherwise, happy naming.

This policy was last modified: 05/06/22 at 2:47 p.m.

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