Vast Horizon Policies



Newbies will be identified as such by looking at the who list and seeing the N next to their name. This tag will remain for one week online time. This will include players who have rerolled into a new character. Anyone with an N next to their name is to be treated as a new pilot.

We wish to create a very newbie friendly game. We want this because, without players, we have nothing. We are asking that experienced players help us with this. If somebody needs help and you know the answer to their questions, do your best to assist them. Rather than chastising a newbie for asking things in an out of character way, maybe take the discussion to the Newbie channel and see what you can do to assist. You can also get creative and answer the question in character, often times.

In turn, discouraging a newbie from asking questions on the channel is prohibited. The channel is for newbies to seek assistance. However, do encourage them to ask IC, but do not fall short of answering their question on the channel.

The other thing that is prohibited is PVP against newbies. Unless you can prove that they attacked you first, just do not do it. Restrain yourself for a couple of weeks.

There is a bank on Oria, and one in the Cavern Hub. Newbies can get a loan from there to help get them started. Newbies will have to pay this loan back because, the Farolds, being tradesmen by nature, don't believe in giving stuff away. Therefore, we ask that wealthy players do not find ways to give out substantial amounts of cash to newbies. If we find out that this is becoming the norm, we will have to find OOC ways to prevent it.

This game was created and is being maintained by visually impaired staff. If you are a sighted newbie and have questions or comments on how we might be able to make things better for you, please send us an email at Ansi will be on for channels and room names. Do let us know if there are issues with that.

This policy was last modified: 07/19/23 at 11:19 a.m.

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