Vast Horizon Policies



Vast Horizon is a futuristic Sci-Fi game that strives to maintain a friendly atmosphere with required well thought out roleplay. We are set two hundred years in the future and are on the central timezone for game events.

Our adventures exit space reality during the early to mid years of the 21st century. Anything unrelated to space, up to the year 2018, is fair game to discuss. The simple reasoning for this is space would have advanced drastically from that of real life advancements.

Vast Horizon is a Roleplay intensive (RPI) game. Don't let that scare you off. We are quite willing to assist you in learning how to roleplay if you have no experience with it.

Being a roleplay intensive game, we advise you try to create and develop a character that will fit into the theme of this game, rather than running amok and trying to create entirely new themes.

We encourage creativity and good initiation from you the player because it helps strengthen and develop stories for the game. Creating a story is important for the advancement of a roleplay game, but it can also hinder it if the story is wildly different from the lore of the game.

Metagaming is something that can quickly ruin the game play for others. While we may seem slack on this rule, we do have a policy on it. Whether you metagame activities or social events, it's wrong and unfair to those trying to play the game in a creative roleplay form as we intended.

We require that you remain in character (IC) on all IC channels. Our OOC channels are CWS, and newbie. More about these channels and the oocsay will be discussed in the Player Conduct policy. However, oocsay is to be used sparingly. CWS is not for OOC game discussions nor to receive help.

Rerolling is an option for all players of this game. However, if you are a frequent reroller, you may get tagged to prevent deletion until speaking with staff. Such a tag would only be given if your rerolling is simply done to escape unwanted roleplay, heavy debt, or if your constant rerolling continuously disrupts roleplay for others.

The basic theme of Vast Horizon is humanity rising. Keep in mind here that the key word is rising. As humanity's struggle to regain what it once had is the main theme, we likely are not going to go so far as to accept a story which will hand humanity the keys to power and standing on its own within the first few years of the game. Why not? It is not realistic is the simple answer. It costs a ton of money to build a fully functional government, space port, and have a way to pay pilots big money for the jobs they do.

Each person is to have one user account and one character with this game. There are no plans to change this policy in the future. Sharing your account is ill advised, and we require you go through us if you have two people playing from the same home so that we may take proper steps to allow this to happen.

This policy was last modified: 04/19/23 at 8:56 p.m.

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