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Giving you privacy in your ship or place of dwelling is something we will do unless you are being watched for a reason such as having been reported for committing policy violations or scripting. Note there are options to get around this privacy if a plot warrants it. For example, you hire a private detective to spy on your husband, or you need conversation information from your Bridge to determine a serious matter. Note, this will not be done just because a player wants to be nosy. Have a good RP reason behind it.

The other privacy clause is that we may look in on a ship when people are on a big exploration trip. This is so that we may get ideas on how to interact or what to do for those on the trip. Public rooms and channels are always fair game. This may be done for the advancement of RP.

The OOC say feature and channels such as Newbie and CWS channel will be looked in on as well as phones. It's known that phones can be tapped but staff has no plans to start publishing everyone's sex or devious planning calls. Just note that the possibility is there for the advancement of roleplay.

In fact, if the roleplay warrants it, bugs can be placed, black boxes obtained in many settings. Note that we use the dice rolling system when making such determinations as with most roleplay settings that we work on. This is also something that would have to be accompanied with a plausible reason rather than we are bored.

In short, a person cannot always be caught doing things they shouldn't, nor should they always get away with it.

If you reach out for information to be obtained, we would toss up some dice to determine what, if any, information you received. Staff holds itself to the same rule in this matter because privacy is just as important as roleplay.

This game uses high standard encryption. We will also guarantee that we will not ever ask you for your password or share them with others. If someone asks you for your account information, this is a violation of our policies. For more on this, see the Player Conduct Policy.


While staff will do our best to give you privacy in your homes and ships, it's inevitably a game. We cannot promise that you will have total privacy all the time, just that we won't be looking in on you for no reason.

One of the biggest fears from people is that, "I can't write this smutty scene, staff are watching!" Rest assured we are not. It is actually against staff policy to sit and watch intimate scenes just to be watching them. If you have been accused of an OOC issue and we are conducting an investigation that warrants it, all bets are off. Otherwise, write your smut in peace. In most cases, if there is an issue we need to investigate, your scenes would likely be skimmed rather than watched so that pertinent information would be gathered.

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